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Chemical / Process Operations Engineer
Ferndale, WA  Posted: 4/28/2021


PTS Advance is looking for an experienced Operations Engineer to work at the local Refinery in Ferndale, Washington. The refinery produces gasoline, diesel, and residual fuel oil which supplies the northwest marine transportation market.  
This is a 4 - 6 months contract. Hours 7:00am - 4:00pm. Local candidates highly desired.
Job requirements:
  • BS in Chemical Engineering
  • 5 years minimum experience working in an operations engineering capacity.
  • Responsible for resolving abnormal process problems. Regularly works with unit operators on understanding and resolving operating problems in process units.
  • Monitors performance of assigned process units and proactively identifies operating trends and potential impacts. Communicates and makes recommendations so that the organization is never surprised by a predictable or preventable loss of full, safe and reliable unit operation.
  • Works with refinery operations and commercial planning groups to optimize long and short term unit operations for the maximum economic benefit.
  • Develops ideas for projects that improve the safety, reliability, and profitability of the refinery. Assists in the development of process design packages.
  • Participates in process hazards analysis (PHA) and HAZOP reviews of assigned units and projects.
  • Keeps up to date on technical issues and industry trends on assigned units and applies knowledge to improve the refinery. Serves as primary technical contact with central company and outside technical experts.
  • Assists in the development of Turnaround work scope.
  • Supports the procurement, handling, performance tracking, and disposition of catalyst and chemicals used in the refinery.
  • Supports the selection and management of chemical and catalyst vendors and contracts to maximize unit reliability and profitability.
  • Assists the BTL and Finance department with the development of operating expense budgets, particularly in the areas of chemical, catalyst, and utilities. Investigates variances in these categories and recommends actions to keep these expenses within budget.
  • Safety Certification and Training Requirements, RSO/TWIC/Drug/Background
Safety responsibilities:
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to health, safety, and environmental objectives. Responsible for their own safety/health and of those working with them, promoting the health and safety of others, and performing quality work in a safe and environmentally conscientious manner. Participates in monthly safety meetings and conducts audits of operating facilities.
  • Tracks unit performance and follows up on violations or near misses of KPIs. Continues to validate safe operating limits (SOLs) and reliability operating limits (ROLs).
  • Supports operations in the field and in the control room during operational upsets and changes to operations.
  • Participates in incident investigations, especially for process upsets.
  • Participates and may facilitate risk analysis meetings (RAMs) and PSSR"s in their area of responsibility.
  • Understands PSM requirements and can be the responsible person for an MOC
  • Key player in facilitation of management of change for unit assignment area on capital upgrades and optimization.
  • Completes action items from PHAs, audits and investigations in a timely manner to support overall refinery goals around action item closure.
  • Evaluates Critical Device Bypasses to ensure adequate alternate protection when SIS/other safety system is out of service for PM or maintenance.
  • Coordinates the evaluation of alternate relief paths to support Operations when relief valves without spares can be pulled by Maintenance at the prescribed intervals to ensure their mechanical reliability.

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