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Process Chemist
Davis, CA  Posted: 3/5/2021


PTS Advance has an exciting opportunity for a Process Chemist with a minimum of 10 years working in the chemical industry.  The Process Chemist will lead all process chemistry aspects to further optimize the company"s gasification process from their office in Davis, California.  This position will also require driving to and spending time at the job site in the central valley.  This is a direct hire position with a benefit package.
Essential Job Duties/Responsibilities: 
  • Serve as the resident chemistry and reaction expert within the company"s technology and engineering team.
  • Assist technical staff in plant troubleshooting and process optimization with chemistry insights supported by targeted laboratory experiments (internal and 3rd party labs).
  • Conduct environmental research and audits to determine the distribution of process impurities and develop strategies to monetize, reduce, recycle or treat as appropriate.
  • Primary responsibility for organizing emissions testing (air and water) and sign-off on release documents + approve results for release to regulatory authorities.
  • Translate   
  • Design experiments and create simulations (both lab and plant scale) to determine how process changes and variable manipulation will impact process efficiency, impurities and final products.
  • Support design and implementation of pilot-scale slipstream demonstrations at Fort Hunter Liggett to yield results that support scale-up activities.
  • Analyze and report new chemical insights and collaborate with operations and engineering staff to clearly communicate critical chemistry insights and recommendations such as operating ranges to optimize the process.  
  • Interaction with technical services and business development to understand and anticipate customer specific chemistry challenges to convert their waste streams to value.
Required Experience and Qualifications:
  • Bachelors of Scient in Chemistry or equivalent; Masters preferred.
  • At least 10 years" experience working in chemical industry, oil/gas, heavy process industries, etc.   
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Thorough understanding of process chemistry reactions including by-products and waste formation.
  • Familiarity with high temperature gasification, partial oxidation, and pyrolysis reactions, including syngas catalytic and physical conversion processes would be strongly preferred (e.g. syngas cleaning, water gas shift, methanation, physical gas separation such as PSA).
  • Strong operating plant and process experience and ability to apply theoretical & analytical background to practical problem solving.  Ability to identify underlying chemistry principles at work and devise scale-down and scale-up experiments to validate and quantify mechanisms.
  • Research experience and familiarity with the scientific method to formulate hypotheses, conduct experiments and statistical processing of raw data to develop new insights.
  • Strong technical communication skills and ability to translate in-depth chemistry knowledge to actionable insights for engineers and operators.
  • Able to define and direct work of outside labs and partners to achieve desired results.
  • Able to define and setup local benchtop analytical tests as required at the operating plant, especially GC and general wet chemistry (equipment & methods)
  • Hands on abilities a must in an operating plant environment.
  • Prior experience in setting up a process laboratory, specifying and acquiring equipment and instruments and training plus supervising personnel would be a definite advantage for future growth.
Physical Requirements: 
  • Ability to lift up to 30 pounds, climb process ladders and stairways and work safely on elevated process assemblies in all environments. 
  • Must be able to perform tasks necessary at the project sites. These tasks require that the candidate can: o Hear alarms. o Have good color vision and ability to distinguish color traced wiring & schematics. o Communicate via radio. o Work in inclement weather. o Climb outdoor plant ladders and superstructure.
o Comply with safety policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
Other Requirements: 
  • Must pass military background checks to access US Military facilities.
  • Must have acceptable results for post-offer background checks, drug screen, and medical tests/exams.  
  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S. without sponsorship.

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