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VP of Technical Operations/Hydrogen Fuel
Irvine, CA  Posted: 2/28/2021


Reporting to the COO the Vice President of Technical Operations is responsible for managing the three aspects of the group. Project Development and Construction; Engineering and Reliability; Station Operation.  Main tasks include management of team to promote the widespread adoption of fuel-cell vehicles through the development and maintenance of hydrogen refueling (charging) stations. Ensure all program initiatives align with the company"s core values and culture while provide leadership to those under your command so that they might take more initiative in their roles.  Tasks for the position include but not limited to:
  • Examine and approve Employee Expenses
  • Examine and approve purchase requests and invoices
  • Set annual team goals and promulgate via bonus program
  • Manage and administer employee performance review process
  • Managing onboarding of new hires
  • Submit non-exempt employee hours to payroll (CEO)
  • With finance team to help set up ERP system across the entire company disciplines (HR,
     Payroll, Scheduling, Project Management, Maintenance and operation, Inventory ect)
  • Provide summary metrics and KPI"s
Station Operation
  • Manage team consisting of a few managers and multiple technicians in two regions (more regions in the future).
  • Ensure that scheduling is organized in a manner that benefits our customers
  • Gather maintenance, call center, alarm and other data to make improvements in the customer experience.
  • Establish ERP related systems and processes
  • Establish and maintain emergency response procedures
  • Establish and maintain safety systems within the group.
  • Review station reliability and come up with plan for improving system with low MTBF
  • Manage and improve information systems, Power BI as well as various dashboards
  • Ensure all maintenance is conducted on time
  • Maintain budgets
  • Implement and manage station health metrics (availability, state of charge, ect.)
  • Manage the production at the hydrogen distribution hub
  • Manage Service Bulletins and ensure implementation
  • Manage and improve:
    1. Current and new equipment maintenance procedures
    2. Technician vehicle inventory
    3. Technician Training
    4. Technician Onboarding
Engineering and Reliability
  • Asses if new reliability improvements projects are feasible
  • Communicate and evaluate vendors to ensure purchased are suitable, such as Hydrogen dispenser, point of sale, hydrogen compression or pumping technology, storage and IT.
  • Provide Technical and professional development guidance to the engineering team.
  • Provide support to the project development group with plan check drawings and comments to
    1. Mechanical documentation
    2. Electrical documentation
    3. Civil documentation
    4. Life Safety (fire) documentation.
  • Manage and improve the following processes
    1. New Opportunities For Enhancement (NOFE)
    2. Management of Change (MOC)
    3. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    4. Service Bulletins (SB)
    5. Development Drawings approval

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