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Project Superintendent
Oakland, CA  Posted: 12/10/2020


The Project Superintendent"s primary function is one of the most important activities in our client"s operations. It is the Project Superintendent's priority to safely and effectively organize work schedules, line out self-performing crews and subcontractor"s activities to achieve project milestones and completion dates.  Thorough knowledge of construction techniques and the imagination to derive the most efficient safe methods for completing on-site construction tasks. Have the foresight to predict problems before they develop. A conscientious attitude towards controlling job costs and adhering to progress schedules. The ability to oversee all aspects of job layout and communicate the course of action along with the sequence of activities to all self-performing crews, subcontractors and material suppliers to effectively deliver projects under their control to meet the needs and expectations within a defined budget and schedule.
  • Have a thorough knowledge of the plans and specifications for each project assigned.
  • Identify all constructability challenges for each project assigned.
  • Assist the Project Manager in setting the BASELINE construction schedule and preparing a list of all resource (labor, material, equipment and subcontractor) allocations
  • Have a clear understanding of self-perform and subcontractor responsibilities, inclusion and exclusions identifying any cross over or overlooked work in BASELINE construction schedule
  • Review the FINAL approved BASELINE construction schedule and labor BUDGET resolving all differences of opinion with Project Manager before beginning the project.
  • Maintain a good relationship with the Project Manager, seeking their assistance in the scheduling of materials, equipment and subcontractors.
  • Set up the job site (office, material and equipment) and confirm that permits, inspection card, labor notices, safety rules and regulations are all properly established
  • Set up and maintain sanitary stations and water coolers in strategic areas.
  • Ensure that the safety regulations are followed by company and subcontractor crews including facilitating tailgate safety meetings that must be adequately attended.
  • Ensure that first aid kit is prepared for emergencies.
  • Ensure that good housekeeping practices are observed and maintained by all crews.
  • Ascertain that safety barricades are in place and safety lights properly operating.
  • Understand and assist in preparation of submittal log to meet project and schedule requirements assuring that materials and equipment are submitted & approved on time to meet schedule
  • Prepare and maintain an accurate 3-Week progress schedule
  • Maintain inventory control over materials, tools and equipment
  • Ensure that the project is always properly secured
  • Prepare and submit accurate Superintendent's daily report and photographs emailing to the office before the end of each shift
  • Ensure that any changes directed are immediately raised to PM in writing.
  • Ascertain that working foremen and techs are appropriately qualified, safely and efficiently prepared to perform their assigned duties.
Quality Control Duties
  • Review all shop drawings and submittal data for compliance with specifications.
  • Certify that materials/equipment delivered complies with approved submittals.
  • Inspect the work performed on a daily basis for compliance with specifications.
  • 'STOP WORK' on any item of work feature, particularly if the work is to be enclosed
  • Perform, supervise, coordinate ALL required inspection testing
  • Report all inspection results in the Daily Report.
  • Maintain full size contract drawings marked to show 'AS BUILT DRAWINGS'.
  • Identify, document and communicate all deficiencies and track remedial actions
  • Report any subcontractor and/or individual to Project manager who consistently fails to conform his work to the contract plans and specifications.
  • Must have a working knowledge of structural, mechanical, electrical, civil and building practices and concepts
  • Excellent working knowledge of current building regulations, laws, and rules
  • Be confident in directing and coordinating staff, sub-contractors and consultants 
  • Must be organized, ability to make independent decisions & to multi-task
  • OSHA 30-hour
  • 1st Aid/CPR
  • Scheduling certification in MS Project is a plus
  • Must have minimum 15 years construction on-site experience
  • Experienced in ALL construction project protocols
  • Contractor"s license is a useful certification
  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills
  • 2nd Language is a plus
  • Must be able to properly layout a project, making certain that the proper grades are followed and the structures are accurately located.
  • Proficient with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Ability to report electronically

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