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QC Coordinator
Carson, CA  Posted: 12/9/2020


Our client is a major refinery in the Los Angeles area serving the fuel transportation and aviation fuel needs of the western United States. Operates an integrated network of strategic assets that creates and sells refined petroleum products, from feedstock acquisition to wholesale, commercial and retail sales outlets.

**MUST be able to tie logic in primavera & able to type 30-45 words per minute at the very least proficiently**

Position Title
Role Overview
Turnaround QC Coordinator
Assist in the overall validation of work progress and execution of Turnarounds, in a timely manner, and on budget.     Responsibilities include development of turnaround scope, building work packages, planning TAR Scope, and review of contractor P6 plans.
  • Assist in the overall scope development of Turnaround events in conjunction with all departments and ensure scope is captured properly on Turnaround Work List.
  • Review Work Scope Approval Forms, RFI"s, Engineering PRF Log, Work List, and P6 Primavera schedule on a consistent basis to verify alignment.
  • Plan Mechanical Turnaround scope of work including Valve Replacements, Small Piping scope, Fixed Equipment (Exchangers, vessels, Towers, heaters) in Primavera.  
  • Review contractor P6 plans for proper resource coding, direct man-hours, constructability, duration, work order coding, etc before inputting into the master schedule.
  • Work with engineering to review new projects and give suggestions for constructability improvements.
  • Review and approve contractor bill of materials for consistency with standards and specifications.
  • Work with engineering and material procurement to order long lead / specialty material items.
  • Attend and participate in reoccurring turnaround update meetings.
  • Review previous lessons learned and prior turnaround reports to understand problematic and successful past work practices and better develop turnaround work scope.
  • Assist in development and review of contractor QA/QC packages.
  • Facilitate external P6 logic reviews with the help of TAR Scheduler and TAR Area Lead.
  • Work with Turnaround Area Lead to develop overall manpower and equipment hiring plans with contractors.
  • Build engineering replacement in kind construction packages by pulling appropriate documentation from Open Text, inspection work books, Work Scope Approval Forms, etc.
  • Assist in development of master operations blind lists based on turnaround scope.  
Competencies Required
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Health, Environmental and Safety
  • Technical/Professional Knowledge and Skills
  • Work Standards

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