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Sr. Project Manager / Architect - Manufacturing & Industrial processes
Brea, CA  Posted: 11/13/2020


The Senior Project Architect will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and administering a major project or projects through all phases of development.  Where applicable, gives direction to assigned staff, establish and maintain budgets, schedules, and monitor adherence of terms of contract expectations.  Has primary responsibility for client contact and authority to direct, control, and monitor all project activities.  Strong ability to multi-task and prioritize.  
Minimum Requirements:
·         Education:  Architectural degree from an accredited university or equivalent demonstrated proficiency.
·         Experience:  Minimum of ten (10) years experience in production and coordination of documents in all phases of architectural practice and in management.
·         Experience with projects related to manufacturing and industrial processes.
Role Responsibilities
Communication, Collaboration and Supervision
·         Establish productive working relationships, and deal effectively and cooperatively with clients, team members, consultants, and government agencies.
·         Ensure that coaching, mentoring, and performance-enhancing feedback of assigned team members are provided. 
·         Provide effective verbal, written, and graphic communication of complex project concepts to clients, public agencies, and project team members, and be primary point of contact for all client issues.
·         Supervise and manage multiple clients and project managers for all phases of projects.
·         Demonstrate motivation in seeking new responsibilities and challenges.
·         Review and assist staff in setting budgets, goals, and preparing work plans that clearly define their expectations, and take appropriate action when they are met and when they are not met.
·         Review and resolve any issues related to staff and consultants.
·         Ability to analyze profitability, revenue, margins, bill rates, and utilization across projects. 
·         Negotiate contracts and fees with clients and consultants
·         Review documents to ensure design quality, coordination, and compliance with Company standards and the requirements of deliverables and client standards in all phases.
·         Guide and direct project team and consultants for appropriate materials and systems.
·         Resolve plan check and approval issues with the agencies and client.
·         Ensure that materials and systems meet Company and client standards and are within budget.
·         Oversee and resolve issues during construction phase of all work under their supervision.
·         Ability to write and edit specifications.

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