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Process Control Engineer
Wilmington, CA  Posted: 10/22/2020


Job Summary:  The Process Control Engineer is responsible for the following: 
  • Proficient with creating Process Control narratives from a set of existing P&ID's and PFD's
  • Have detailed understanding and experience with P&ID development, process design, line, and valve & equipment sizing.
  • Monitoring control systems information, control, and optimization system performance, proactively identifies control issues and performs corrective action such as control loop tuning or algorithm revisions
  • Housekeeping and back-up procedures, updates process computer advanced control applications to reflect changes to the Distributed Control system, and assures proper system documentation to maintain integrity of existing process computer systems
  • Evaluating and recommending uses of new leading edge Control and Optimization applications such as multi-variable control, and both linear and non-linear on-line optimization systems
  • Identifying new Advanced Process Control opportunities and assists in developing overall APC vision, standards and implementation program for the Refinery
  • Designing, implementing and maintaining Advanced Process Control technology such as multi-variable control
  • Document controls and provides operator training
  • Developing and implementing tools such as trends, histories, reports and displays to provide accurate and timely information to operations on process unit performance
  • Tracking computer control utilization, analyzer availability, controller statistics, controller limit values, computer performance statistics, PONC/POC (price of noncompliance/compliance), and optimization statistics
  • Communicating performance through regular reports and discussions with Supervisor and Operations
  • a review role in pneumatic and distributed control issues and analyzer issues to provide technical support in the areas of general process control
  • Fully documents computer program changes, writes and updates process computer manuals, informs operators of changes to computer system to ensure adequate information is available for proper computer system use
  • Provides process computer access and assures process computer security to provide computer links to other systems
  • Training operators and plant engineers on how to use process computers
Basic / Minimum Qualifications:
  • BS degree in Chemical Engineering
  • Gas process experience is highly preferred
  • 10-20+ years of combined experience in the areas of Process Engineering, Control Systems Engineering
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