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Front Line Supervisor
Torrance, CA  Posted: 6/30/2020


Front Line Supervisor - FLS
The FLS for Capital projects is responsible the safety, quality and cost of work in the field.  The FLS has a key role is the success of the project in the field.  The FLS reports to the Construction Manager.
  • Ensure workers are signed on to work without delays.  Sign barrier delays and log them.  Plan ahead to prevent delays and resolve any emerging ones.
  • Ensure workers ‘work permits’ are flawless.
  • Ensure workers JLA’s identify work hazards and have detailed mitigation.
  • Monitor and engage workers on their safety performance, applying the Loss Prevention System (LPS), follow the safety plan.
  • Ensure maximum utilization of contractor’s labor and equipment.  If the work is not being completed in an acceptable time frame, the FLS must communicate this to the project team.
  • Provide a daily report, including a safety moment of the day, details of any safety & environmental incidents, the headcount of workers, description of the work completed, description of the work to be carried out on the next shift, and details of delays.
  • Actively participate with the ‘Planner’ in the planning of work.
  • Have a full understanding of the project work scope having reviewed all drawings and construction documents.  Ensure the work being performed is per the construction documents and specifications.
  • Ensure a full construction package/drawings are at the work site and are maintained and updated including all document changes and RFI/FCO’s.
  • Review and provide feedback on construction packages.
  • Coordinate with business teams to ensure the project work doesn’t impact the business.
  • Coordinate with business teams to ensure equipment availability.
  • Periodic attendance at the Contractor Safety Steering Committee meetings.
  • Provides input into the Safety Plan.
  • Ensure that the project QA/QC plan is followed and coordinates the resources required for signing off the work using mechanical completion forms, loop check and SAT documents. 

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