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Process Engineer
Paramount, CA  Posted: 5/22/2020


Position Summary:
The Process Engineer provides the organization with technical expertise on all aspects of process design and project management to ensure the following:
    • Utilize process design techniques to optimize unit design for assigned project units.
    • Manage engineering contractors in the design of the assigned project units.
    • Implement safety, environmental consciousness, and reliability into unit designs.
    • Adopt principles of continuous improvement to drive out waste and inefficiency and enhance profitability.
Minimum/Required Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) from an accredited 4-year college or university in Chemical Engineering.
  • Eight to Ten (8 - 10) years of process engineering experience is required.
  • Prior large-scale capital projects ($500mm+) experience
  • Refinery or petrochemical industry experience preferred
  • Process simulation experience (ex, HYSYS) preferred
Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Performs advanced engineering calculations (i.e., mass balances, energy balances, conversion calculations) to optimize equipment design and insure product quality.
  • Makes recommendations to improve unit yield and/or optimize energy consumption.
  • Maintains awareness of all Safety, Health and Environmental issues that impact the refinery unit design and personnel.
  • Reports on progress of the engineering contractors involved in the assigned areas of the project.
  • Provides daily review of project progress and engineering quality.
  • Consults with Project Manager concerning unusual problems and developments including development of potential design changes.
  • Insures communication between the Construction Manager and the General Contractor is well-defined.
  • Monitors progress on unit construction and advises Construction Manager of any project delays or issues.
  • Works to imbed the plant requirements into the process design of the assigned project units.
  • Participates in daily field safety meetings once construction has started.
  • Answers questions that arise during the construction cycle.
  • Ensures that project records are being maintained in a well-defined management system.
  • Assists in defining the commissioning and turnover procedures, including record keeping.
  • Assists in start-up of the assigned project units.

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