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Construction Inspector
Salinas, CA  Posted: 1/22/2020


Our client is a mid sized Construction Management firm who is nationally recognized for the quality of work they provide to their partners and clients. They execute on projects of all sizes, including billion dollar aviation expansion projects to facility improvement for government agencies.
Duties of the Construction Inspector
  • Be familiar with the plans and specifications and the general contractor’s operations at
all times.
  • Personally observe, check and measure items placed in the construction for compliance
to the contract documents, technical instructions from the design professional and
directives from the construction administrator.
  • Prevent installation of any related work until shop drawings have received final approval
from design professional.
  • Record the design professional’s, or his/her consultant’s verbal instructions during field
supervision trips, in the construction inspector’s daily diary for that day or on a field
instruction report.
  • Assist in relaying instructions from the construction administrator and the design
professional to the contractor and in relaying problems from the contractor to the design
professional and construction administrator for solution. Actively assist in securing
decisions and clarification from the design professional in a timely manner.
  • Monitor design professional submittal log to assure all submittals are approved in a
timely manner (this includes re-submittals).
  • Review the contractor’s work on the required record drawings weekly to ensure that they
are accurately marked up as required. Report any non-compliance at project meetings.
  • Check the contractor’s estimate of work completed for partial payments based on the
approved cost breakdown.
  • Monitor progress schedule to reflect work completed vs. actual time.
  • Advise the construction administrator, the project manager, and the design professional
  • of circumstances surrounding requested changes in the work.
  • Maintain a daily diary describing the general work performed, noting problems, rejections
and unusual events. The diary should be completed daily, and factually. The diary
should reflect the contractor’s activities each day, and include weather conditions and
personnel working.
  • Observe subcontractors working on the project daily and verify that all are listed on the
contractor’s current subcontractor directory. Report any discrepancies to the construction administrator and the project manager.
  • Assist the construction administrator, the project manager, and the design professional
in the final inspection and project acceptance phase.
  • Assist the project manager in checking contractor’s estimate of work completed for
progress payment based on the approved cost breakdown.
  • Upon completion of the project, review with the project manager and the design
professional any and all guarantees, keying, operating instruction, completion of final
punch list items, etc., that are called for in the project documents. Confirm that these are
received before certifying the completion of the work in writing.
  • Complete and transmit the Project Closeout Checklist to the construction administrator.
  • Enforce the restrictions peculiar to the project.
  • Responsible for keeping a set of working drawings on which to indicate which sections and items of the contract work have been inspected and approved.

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