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Construction Manager
Wasco, CA  Posted: 10/14/2019


Job Description:
Under the direction of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Project Director, the Senior Construction Manager is responsible for the construction management of field operations and the administration of onsite construction contracts. This position also acts as the CDCR Representative with delegated authority to administer construction contract terms and requirements.
  • Maintains a liaison with the Owner's rep. Attend or conduct necessary meetings and informs the Owner of construction progress, problems, and planned resolutions.
  • Reviews schedules submitted by the contractor, provide comments and recommendations regarding the schedule and its approval.
  • Analyzes all design deficiencies at the time of discovery to assist Owner in determining responsibility and extent of damages.
  • Utilizes forms, formats, and standards provided by Owner and implement policies and administrative procedures to which all project personnel, contractors, and others involved with the project will be required to adhere to.
  • Reviews Request for Information (RFI) and submittals prior to submitting and after receiving response from A/E or responsible team member.
  • Implements Owner's standardized procedure of project Change Order (CO) controls, and is responsible for the preparation of the state's cost estimates; analyzes and report the effects of proposed and approved COs on the budget and schedule; and tracks completion and implementation of approved COs to minimize the impact on the project schedule.
  • Executes correspondences to the Contractor(s) as the Owner's Representative for the project.
  • Performs site walks to identify potential design, construction, and coordination problems.
  • Organizes and conducts coordination and jobsite meetings with Contractors, A/E, Owner, and others as required to ensure project coordination; and maintains and distributes meeting minutes.
  • Administers the contract requirements and monitors the General Contractors (GC) coordination of work between the various contractors onsite in an effort to meet contract milestones without claims or damages to Owner.
  • Maintains and/or supervise support staff in the updating and maintenance of project document processing logs and online document control system.
  • Prepares construction contingency forecasts and monitors, verifies, and reconciles expenditures of contract construction budget funds.
  • Coordinate and prepare monthly progress reports, biweekly contingency forecast reports, daily reports, milestone reports, action plans, etc. for Owner review and decision.
  • Ensures that the onsite project contract files are maintained in accordance with project procedures.
  • Expeditiously resolves disputes that may arise with contractor(s) and with A/E consultants with a minimum of disruption to the project.
  • Monitors work progress and sequencing for conformance with the approved Construction Contract Schedule. Also ensures that the contractor develops a plan of recovery when work falls behind schedule or makes revisions to contract schedule when contractor is deviating from planned sequencing and logic.
  • Assures that as-builts are being updated and reviewed during the course of the work.
  • Manages the closeout of contracts and closeout procedures; to accomplish timely completion of construction contract deliverables, (i.e., COs, punch list, recommendation for acceptance, final payment, and warranties/guarantees) and provides final project evaluation reports.
  • Experience - 15 yrs +.  Correctional and Health Care experience a plus. 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management, Engineering, or Architecture preferred, but not required.
  • Professional license/cert is preferred such as a PE, CCM, or RA.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills.  Ability to successfully manage difficult contractors, within the parameters available in the General Conditions. 
  • Demonstrated leadership skills.  Ability to lead staff and project stakeholders through detailed procedures, verify regular compliance with those procedures and time-lines, to ultimately accomplish defined project goals.       
  • Experience successfully managing projects with multiple stakeholders.  Ability to prioritize issues most important to project success and facilitate timely resolution of those issues involving by-in from several decision makers.
  • Strong administrative and document control skills.  Ability to track, file and report on project documents and communications.  Experience tracking and reporting on project cost and schedule data, than using that data to take action towards successfully managing the project. 
  • Demonstrated experience managing the PCO and Change Order process.  Ability to successfully determine the merit of a proposed cost or time issue, based on the contract documents and consultation with the Owner, than accurately respond to the contractor.  Experience successfully negotiating cost and time issues with the Contractor.    
  • Strong computer skills. 

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