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Sr. Biostatistician Internal Remote
Fort Washington, PA  Posted: 9/19/2019


Job Title: Senior Biostatistician
Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Fort Washington, PA
Duties & Responsibilities:
The Senior Biostatistician serves a lead role on projects. He/she interacts with team members in
designing and analyzing clinical trials. Key responsibilities and skills include, but are not limited to:
 Responsible for protocol development including study design, sample size estimation,
randomization, and statistical analysis plan for assigned studies.
 Provide statistical oversight to studies and assure adequate quality and consistency with project
 Responsible for accuracy and completeness of database quality checks.
 Responsible for assuring that data for statistical analyses are complete, accurate and consistent.
 Responsible for statistical analysis plans and the accuracy and timeliness of statistical input into
reports or decisions.
 Responsible for validity of analysis and alternative analysis strategies when unforeseen
circumstances arise.
 Demonstrates extensive understanding of statistical concepts and methodologies. Recognizes
and corrects flaws in scientific reasoning and statistical interpretation.
 Responsible for accuracy and consistency of statistical tables, figures, and data listings, accuracy
of report text, and consistency between summary tables in the body of reports and the
corresponding source tables and listings.
 Responsible for statistical methods section for the reports. Identifies and corrects flaws in
interpretation of results, inconsistency in presentation or inference, adherence to the report
guidelines, and assures project-wide consistency.
 Effectively mentor non-statistical peers with regards to statistical methodology and provide
appropriate background, motivation, and training to junior statisticians.
 Effectively coordinate assignments and review deliverables so that projects are delivered on time
with high quality.
Essential Skills Required & Education:
Job Description
Senior Biostatistician
 MS or PhD in Statistics, Biostatistics or related field. PhD with 2+ years of experience or MS with
4+ years of experience.
 High degree of technical competence and communication skill, both oral and written.
 Competent in experimental design, descriptive and inferential statistics.
 Pharmaceutical, CRO, or related industry experience with clinical trials.

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