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Mechanical Coordinator Refining
Belle Chasse, LA  Posted: 8/30/2019


Mechanical Coordinator- Refining 

- 10+ years’ field experience in the Oil & Gas industry 
- 10+ years’ experience in project work in Oil and Gas industry 
- 5+ years’ experience in supervisor role 
- Field experience and strong knowledge of piping, rigging, structural and civil disciplines 
-Focuses on safe performance of work, ensuring compliance with construction contract documents; ensuring corporate requirements and initiatives related to contractor health, safety and environment (HSE) are followed 
- Coordinate field work activities with operation, sub-contractors and other work in area 
- Assure correct priorities are being worked and contactor has sufficient man power 
- Update construction schedules 
- Build plans for upcoming work and scope changes. 
-Verify that the contractor meets all contract obligations and FLNG personnel inspect and verify quality assurance, rather than direct or control, the contractor's field Construction operations 
-Responsible for performing the required verification of the correctness and adequacy of the construction contractor's work in accordance with applicable specification, drawing and procedural requirements 
-Verify that work in progress is being performed in accordance with applicable specification, drawing and procedural requirements 
-Ensure that corrective actions are taken to resolve the conditions 
-Initiate, for defective work, a technical assurance alert or nonconformance report and submit the report to construction management 
-Responsible for observing and reporting on construction activities in their specific areas of assignment 
-Authority to recommend stop work to the Contractor 
-Witness Contractor's activities and endorse Suppliers' and Contractor's quality records, as appropriate 
-Coordinate quality inspection activities in accordance with the Quality Plan

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