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Staff Accountant
Irvine, CA  Posted: 4/11/2019



A natural interest in the business world and its finances will help the PTS Team Staff Accountant thrive in their role. The candidate will support the Accounting department by performing various tasks.  Growth potential in this position will be greatly encouraged.
  1. Daily validation & recording of our 300+ employees time cards.
  2. General ledger account reconciliations and other Accounting duties.      
  3. Validate and post customer payments in a timely and efficient manner.  
  4. Document financial transactions by entering account information.
  5. Enter and reconcile customer invoices as directed by the Leadership Team.
  6. Filing documents, maintaining records, and performing other required tasks.
  • A clear understanding of software, such as Microsoft Office programs is necessary and QuickBooks knowledge is a plus.
  • Mathematical skills: must carry out various financial tasks that require quick and exact calculations.
  • Knowledge of financial principles and accounting terminology: perform a range of financial functions within the organization while communicating with PTS Leadership Team.
  • Methodical working style: carry out daily duties correctly and completely.
  • Ability to prioritize: know which tasks are most important to complete first and which can be delayed.
  • Problem-solving skills: When figures in accounting are not balanced, accounting assistants must rely on their own problem-solving skills to find solutions.
  • Communication skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills, able to freely discuss tasks with their Supervisors as well as with others in their Accounting Team, customers, suppliers, and other professionals.
  • Discretion: The candidate will be dealing with sensitive employee, company and client financial information that they must keep confidential.  The PTS Leadership Team must know that they can trust their Staff Accountant with all sensitive materials.
  • Environment: Able to work in an open concept, fast paced office.

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