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Buyer - Refinery
Memphis, TN  Posted: 3/13/2019


Buyer to assist with TAR
Duties performed in the Supply Chain Department;
  • Review and assign approved requisitions in SAP for Purchase Order issuance.
  • Make adjustments to existing PO’s as required through corp SAP requests.
  • Closing of aged purchase orders.
  • Assist internal customers with procurements needs and questions.
  • Assist external customers with procurement and purchase order issues.
  • Assist accounting with payable questions and adjustments as they apply to PO’s.
  • Assist TRACK personnel with PO adjustments as requested.
  • Move requisitions when necessary/ re-route for approval when manager is out.
  • Look for savings opportunities and report.
  • Monthly reporting as requested by corporate office.
  • Approximate number of PO’s issued on a non-turnaround month is 540.
  • Approximate number of line items issued on a non-turnaround month is 1527.
  • Approximate PO changes 1802 in a non-turnaround month.
  • Ordering and scheduling of all chemicals (Salt, KOH, Sulfuric Acid, HF Acid, Bleach, Amine, Atapulgus Clay, Catalyst)
  • Rental Equipment
  • Ordering Nitrogen Services.
  • Work with Operators and companies on setting up chemical deliveries.
  • Schedule Hot Shot deliveries and deliveries for all PO’s when necessary. (Cap Logistics, Excel)
  • Setting up annual Baseload, Blanket and Framework PO’s.
  • Perform all site contract duties.
  • Create new agreements and amend existing agreements as requested.
  • Work with site management to determine agreement needs.
  • Pre-qualify vendor for potential agreement (determine ISN/DISA/TWIC & TVTC requirements).
  • Help determine potential annual spend.
  • Enter all contract requests in V-Source.
  • Work with vendors to gather the required information for an agreement.
  • Negotiate LRM/ERM when applicable (this can require meetings and/or conference calls with vendor).
  • Put together agreement.
  • Prepare the routing slip and organize all documentation to send to corporate.
  • Meet with vendors.
  • Attend vendor sponsored meetings.
  • Funnel procurement phone calls from planners/vendors.
  • Review reqs pending approval.
  • Answer contract question from in-house and look up vendors for the requisitioner.
  • Watch activity of requisitioners to make sure they are “Power Requisitioners”.
  • Advise requisitioners on req writing.
  • Adjust PO Limits as required per req approval and relay on PO.
  • Backfill each other when absent.
Refinery Services handled in Supply Chain Department;
  • Cleaning/Janitorial
  • Coffee Service
  • Copiers
  • Ice
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Supplies
  • Uniforms/ Uniform reorder, changes (Time Consuming)
  • Reviewing the invoice and approving payments
  • Vending Services
  • Vendor Setups
  • Handle Special Events
  • Steering Team
  • Handle most all Lunch-n-Learns
  • EOC, (Logistics Chief)
  • Weekend Duty every weekday night and weekend

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